The Ultimate Toys Story

About our founder:

Gary Green is an established businessman with over 40 years of experience developing and building successful companies that cross more than a dozen industries and span 18 countries worldwide. An avid business and family traveler, Gary developed Ultimate Toys to create a cost-effective solution for a pressing, personal need. What started as a pet project, evolved into arguably, the nation’s largest luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter distributorship.

Solving the personal (and industry) quest for a better travel vehicle:

Tired of the excessive costs and time that went into maintaining his converted 15-ton, 45’ luxury Prevost bus, Gary looked for a smaller, more manageable, and practical solution that had the luxury and function of his motorcoach. His Prevost was beautiful and a true showpiece, but it also presented some real-world problems: parking, mastering all the complicated internal systems, and most of all, finding a repair shop with qualified people who truly understood the integral “ins-and-outs” of the complicated Prevost.

Enter the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The perfect size, but after months of research, it was clear that there was nothing on the market that had the functionality and utility that rivaled his luxury bus. Gary enlisted the talents of his son Josh to help identify and grow his “idea” into the ultimate solution for others facing similar issues and, with one of the largest and best builders in the industry they custom-designed the most luxurious and functional footprint in the Sprinter category. Ultimate Toys was born.

Ultimate Toys truly has a floor plan for every need.

Until Ultimate Toys, most Sprinter conversions were only designed to serve a single purpose like camping or business travel. Since they were so specialized, there was very little cross-over function from their intended function. Ultimate Toys multi-functional floor plans are brimming with luxury amenities and features that allow you to use each of their models for almost any purpose imaginable: family vacations, tailgating, a night out on the town, a mobile office, or for entertaining business clients. Ultimate Toys has the perfect vehicle whether there are 2 of you taking a trip or 10 of you for a night out on the town.

It’s also not easy to find a Sprinter with a bathroom and almost impossible to find one that isn’t so compact that the average person feels cramped or even claustrophobic. This problem is solved in the exclusively designed Ultimate Toys rear bathrooms which are expanded to offer you up to nearly 50% more space than any of the competition. For the times when a bathroom isn’t needed, the rear cabin seamlessly transforms into a spacious storage area with enough room to carry 8 sets of golf clubs or enough luggage for a family of 4-5 to take on an extended trip.

So, what makes Ultimate Toys Sprinters the perfect vehicle for you?

Ultimate Toys Sprinters are fun, incredibly practical, and easy to drive. If you need repairs or service, all Ultimate Toys Sprinters come with a comprehensive Mercedes Benz bumper-to-bumper “travel anywhere” warranty so they can be serviced while on the road without having to wait to return home. Each Sprinter has been built from the ground up using hand-stitched interiors, hand-crafted woodwork, and state-of-the-art electronics. Those, among a host of other reasons, are why Ultimate Toys Sprinters are considered the “Best-in-Class.” Best of all, our Sprinters are proudly offered at wholesale prices direct to the consumer and through a nation-wide network of dealers.

With these features, it’s no wonder that in just 3 short years, the Greens have built America’s largest distributorship of custom Sprinters.

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Q: How is Ultimate Toys different than other custom Sprinter companies?

A: Conversion Vs. Manufacturer: Know What You Are Buying